Notable changes made to the CloudStick.

Changelog 0.1.18 February 2022: Fixes and Improvements

  • Released CloudStick Agent 0.1.18
  • Fixed: On-demand backup bug
  • Fixed: Restriction on a team free user to use file manager
  • Fixed: Filemanager compress and extract bug

Changelog 0.1.17 February 2022: Fixes and Improvements

  • Released CloudStick Agent 0.1.17
  • Fixed bug on MySQL Extensions for PHP

Changelog 0.1.16 January 2022: Fixes and Improvements

  • Released CloudStick Agent 0.1.16
  • Fixed: Fail to setup server-level caching in Nginx and Hybrid stack in some cases
  • Fixed: Fail to deploy Vultr servers from the dashboard
  • Released CloudStick agent 0.1.15
  • Fixed bug on Nginx caching
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.14
  • Released Cloudstick Backup Module (Beta Version)
  • [Added] Ability to view user activity logs.
  • [Added] Users can now add account credit, which can be used for backup.
  • [Fixed] Failure on extracting zip archives.


  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.13
  • Released CloudStick Team feature
  • [Added] Ability to fix file permission of a single and a group of files.
  • [Fixed] occasional failure of copying and moving files.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on renaming files.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on compressing files into tar.gz archive.
  • [Fixed] Low probability issue on failed caching on servers from Upcloud.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.12
  • [Added] Auto-renewal of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • [Added] Manual renewal of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • [Added] Ability to tweak SSL settings.
  • [Added] Ability to update third-party SSL certificate without removing SSL configuration.
  • [Fixed]  Occasional receiving of mail on non-renewal of SSL certificates.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.11
  • [Added] Ability to deploy from Self Hosted Git.
  • [Fixed] Low probability issue of returning an error on adding/deleting SSH keys
  • [Fixed]  Low probability issue on triggering webhooks in Git Deployment.
  • [Fixed] Low probability issue on displaying files in the trash.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.10
  • [Added] Combined ‘List Accounts’ and ‘Create account’ menu into one as ‘Accounts’.
  • [Added] Ability to create dedicated Databases and Database Users for Accounts.
  • [Added] Added new tab to display CMS type on Account summary page.
  • [Added] Added popup which asks user permission on removing an account.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.9
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on enabling/disabling firewall.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure of opening a range of ports.
  • [Fixed] Low probability failure on firewall restarting after adding/deleting rules.
  • [Fixed] Low probability failure on ignoring IP address.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.8
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on deleting System User.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on changing File-system Quota size
  • [Fixed] Pagination in system user management.
  • [Fixed] Minor fixes in layout design.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.7
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure on deleting System User.
  • [Fixed] Pagination in system user management.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.6
  • [Added] Ability to deploy from Bitbucket.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure of webhooks for Gitlab.
  • [Fixed] Occasional failure to edit cron jobs.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.5
  • Included support for GnuPG.
  • CloudStick now supports ubuntu servers from proxmox VM manager.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.4
  • EasyPHP – Added support for ZMQ(zeromq) PHP Extension till PHP 7.3.
  • CronJob – Fixed small probability issue with non executing CronJobs on time.
  • Account Settings – Fixed small probability issue with path location on updating public_path of web-app
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.3
  • Git Deployment – Integrated git deployment with webhook, supports GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket
  • BugFix – Fixed small probability of issue with Let’s Encrypt SSL deployment.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.2
  • Service Status – Users can now control and monitor the vital status of various services running the server.
  • Supervisor Jobs – Users can add supervisor jobs on their server from the CloudStick dashboard.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.1
  • Fixed bug on changing PHP-CLI version on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Fixed bug on changing System User password.
  • Users can now be able to control ‘sudo’ permission for System Users.
  • Fixed bug on removing System Users.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.1.0
  • A new option to clean disk has included in Server Settings.
  • Option to set the hostname for the server has included in Server Settings.
  • Configure Server TimeZone option included in Server Settings.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.0.9
  • Fixed bug on the account settings page
  • Included support for file compression and extraction in Filemanager
  • Fixed bug on manual SSL deploying.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.0.8
  • Let’s Encrypt free SSL has deployed in CloudStick. Users can easily deploy SSL for their websites in seconds.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.0.7
  • Remote MySql support has been deployed on CloudStick.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.0.6
  • CloudStick users can now easily reset the MySql root password of their server from the CloudStick dashboard.
  • Released CloudStick Agent version 0.0.5
  • The file system quota module has been deployed on CloudStick. Now you can allocate quota to your hosting accounts.

CloudStick now supports installing SSL for your web hosting account from the dashboard. Enjoy hassle-free SSL installation.

EasyPHP Version 0.1.3 now supports the ionCube loader extension.

CloudStick now supports file transfer over FTP. FTP is built on a client-server model architecture using separate control and data connections between the client and the server.

In-app file manager version 0.1 has been deployed on CloudStick dashboard.

Now you can deploy your NodeJS Application with a single click.

CloudStick users can log in to PHPMyAdmin directly from the CloudStick dashboard as MySql root user.

Deployed CloudStick’s One-Click Nextcloud installer, which is a quick way to launch your online file sharing platform.

Released EasyPHP Version 0.1.2 with support for the following PHP extensions

  • PHP Extension Mcrypt
  • PHP Extension Sqlsrv
  • PHP Extension Imap
  • PHP Extension Ldap
  • PHP Extension Pcntl

EasyPHP version 0.1.1 has deployed on CloudStick.

One-click Joomla installer has integrated into CloudStick.

One-Click PHP MyAdmin has delpoyed on CloudStick for hassle-free database management.

One click WordPress Installer has deployed on cloudstick for a seamless installation of WordPress site’s

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