Powerful and Feature-rich Database Management

With lots of research, going through multiple aspects of user experience and Database Management we have come up with the most complete integrated Database Manager available in the market. Users can create unlimited number of servers and databases and have easy access to every possible Database Management features. With CloudStick, you get much more than all existing cloud providers, with the best value for money.

Global database management making life easy

CloudStick makes the entire database management activities effortless for any user. Unlike most of the SaaS platforms, CloudStick offers centralized management options. This is a lifesaver as users can now avoid going through the trouble of selecting each server individually to perform database activities.

Leverage Advanced Privilege Settings with minimal effort

Existing SaaS platforms offer bare minimal options to create and assign permissions for databases and custom permissions can be assigned only over the command line. With CloudStick, it is hassle-free, users can easily assign custom privileges even for a remote host with just a few clicks.

Security is our top priority, and we take it very seriously

If a user wants to grant permission to a remote host, security threats should never be concern as CloudStick has multiple layers of defence built-in the application to effectively guard against all kinds of threats.

API access to automate the database activities

We offer API access to users and they can use it for multiple purposes such as creating servers, databases and managing them in their own domain to automate database activities.

Easy access to the database manager

Users can login to phpMyAdmin with a single secure link and administrate the database. This avoids the hassle to find the database credentials from the server.