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Partnering through CloudStick’s Referral Program is a great way to generate new revenue, get backup credit or extend your subscription plan, and you will also be helping the community grow.

CloudStick Referral Program Types:

Convert your referral credits to backup credits

Withdraw your referral
credits as payout commission
via PayPal

Referral Program Benefits

  • Earn income for each new purchase you drive
  • No cap for the number of credits you can earn
  • Handy and flexible options available to use the referral credits

We thank you for being a part of the CloudStick family and your support is always invaluable!

Your referral credits will appear in your account after 30 days, starting from the day your friend purchases any CloudStick Plan.

You can change the referral type at any time, but you need make sure that you have selected your preferred type before you send or share the referral link with your friends.

Once the Referral link is sent, it is not possible to switch to another program.

for being a part of the

CloudStick family & your support is always invaluable!

Referral FAQs

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with CloudStick before you buy the product and it is a great chance to experience with CloudStick and to explore the depth and breadth very well. You don’t have to add your card/Paypal details, you can cancel anytime.

We do business in US dollars.

We support Paypal and card payments.

All major credit cards including, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and UnionPay.

Absolutely! Yes. However it does not belong to default business plans or subscriptions. You need to add/purchase if you want to enable Team on your account.

After cancelling your subscription, all data remains on your servers: we do not remove any data.When you renew your account with CloudStick, you are able to manage all of your servers again if you didn’t reinstall them.

Yes, we will begin charging you monthly/yearly subscription as per the subscription type.

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