Server Management that makes life easy for everyone

With CloudStick, we have made Server Management
easy for all, offering peace of mind. Our unique and
custom control panel offers an enhanced user experience
and the power to manage extensively rich features
and functionality available. CloudStick frees users from
the complications of handling web server maintenance
tasks, as our system does it for you.


Managing PHP Extensions Now Made Effortless

Users can install/uninstall PHP extensions in just a single click. It’s so hassle-free that you do not have to Google and tinker with the PHP configuration to have them installed. Moreover, there is another upside to this – there is no down time during the installation at all, just one click will do the trick.

Effective and Advanced Service Management

Users can easily and effectively manage the services running on the server, identify the service resource consumption and they can restart, start, stop, enable, and disable these services within a click, any time.


Real Time Server Monitoring

CloudStick monitors each and every server connected to our system and collects relevant time-series data. Users can analyze the server performance for the last 30 days, 7 days and 24 hours. We provide informative dashboards with graphs to derive actionable insights for users to identify.

Multiple PHP Versions for Enhanced Control

We have multiple PHP versions available from PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 to PHP 8.0. We have kept the web applications isolated, with each PHP application requiring a different set of PHP settings. This will provide users with an option of controlling PHP configuration if necessary, without affecting the configuration of other PHP applications. These versions are pre-loaded on all servers as per the server operating system versions.

One-Click App Installer

CloudStick offers this unique feature for users to create web applications with a single click. We have an array of popular applications at your disposal that users can deploy, such as WordPress, Joomla, phpMyAdmin, Nextcloud, among others. They are ready to go to production in just a few seconds.

Web Hosting Account Management

We have made it super easy to manage and limit the resources for each system user. A very handy system of assigning user quota for web application users makes this happen perfectly.  This will also allow the customers an additional benefit of reselling cloud hosting.

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Information using Traffic Analyzer

Using the analyzer, customers can easily identify and dive into a treasure trove of meaningful insights, such as where traffic is originating, what browsers and devices your website is being accessed from, how much data is being utilized by each and every web application, and more.

Advanced Server Firewall with Comprehensive Security Controls and Settings

CloudStick offers a comprehensive set of security controls and settings, with an array of options such as country specific blocking, Connection Limit Protection, IP specific Port restriction, Anti DDOS Shield and more. You get much more than any existing cloud provider gives.

Update Management Made Easy and Seamlessly

Users can easily manage the server and security package updates with just one or two clicks from the CloudStick dashboard.  It’s seamless and hassle free for users as we do this for all servers and we will take care of it for you.

Advanced MySQL Database Management

CloudStick ensures that the entire database management activities are made easy and effortless for any user. Users can create unlimited number of servers and databases. With centralized management, users can avoid the trouble of selecting each server individually to perform database activities. Users can also easily also assign custom privileges.

Intuitive File Manager Making
Life Easy for You

Users can add/edit or maintain their code easily using our intuitive file manager. This will save a lot of time and you can avoid going through the trouble of finding the FTP or SFTP credentials and this will give you access to the code from any device – a definite lifesaver!

Cost-effective Backup Solution to Save and Secure Your Data

Backup is a super utility addon feature we offer users to save your data in AWS S3.  Using our control panel, users can easily enable/disable backups. This is a very cost-effective solution for automatic backups, and for easy access to restore and download backups.