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Teamwork is the most critical and effective strategy for any business.

A well supervised and organized team involves connecting with each other and working collaboratively to achieve a common goal. With CloudStick you can manage users, create a team, set privileges, share resources, and collaborate! Assign team members to the right projects and work with multiple collaborative teammates, using one account.

Team Management on CloudStick

CloudStick Teams make team management look and feel easy, with its flexibility, seamless interface and multitude of features.

Create Teams

Users can create a team or multiple teams with just one or few clicks. It’s that simple!

Set Custom Privileges

Users can set custom privileges and specific permissions for each team.

Add Servers

Users can assign teams and permissions to a server or multiple servers.

Add Members

Users can add members to a team or multiple teams.

CloudStick Teams Unique Benefits

Easy and Effortless Team Management

CloudStick team management is easy and effortless. Users can manage their teams with just a few clicks.

Assign Multiple Servers

You can assign any team or teams to multiple servers

Multiple Teams and custom privileges

Users have admin privileges to create multiple teams and set custom privileges and permissions for each team.

Flexibility in adding team members to multiple teams

User can add any member or members to any team. The member will get the privileges assigned to a team.

Note: Teams are available for Basic and Pro plans

So, what are you waiting for?

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