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We made the cloud simple. And sleek!

Just about anyone can install apps on their computer. Now, if you were to install that same app on the “cloud”, suddenly it feels like you’d need to be some sort of IT wizard, isn’t it?! We’re on a mission to change that, and give that power to anyone under the sun! Our super easy-to-use platform allows any non-technical person to spin up a cloud server with a few clicks, and quickly host your apps on that server – all that without knowing anything about IT. All the technical stuff is seamlessly handled for you so that you can get on with your day!

The Values We Uphold And Live By

Here at CloudStick, we’re all on the same mission: to create an intuitive and super easy-to-use platform for beginners and pros to create and manage their own modern and reliable cloud servers, with just a few clicks, and without any expensive IT overhead.

And we strongly believe that the values below are the building blocks that glue everything together and allow our team to work efficiently, cohesively and harmoniously.

Our Virtues


Our commitment to delivering exemplary service is ingrained in our corporate culture. Not only does it bring joy to our customers, but it also ends up being a major boost to our reputation and business success!


We want to be open and honest with each client, so they know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, or even a potential issue involved. This openness allows us to build trust between ourselves and our customers, which ultimately leads to more successful projects.


We strive to find an equilibrium between the rock-solid stability of conventional methods and daring, cutting-edge solutions to any obstacle. Filled with enthusiasm, we embrace the thrill of pushing boundaries!


When obstacles arise, it is essential to remain optimistic, and committed to finding a successful resolution. We believe that maintaining an eager, determined attitude can make all the difference in conquering challenging tasks.

Consistent Improvement

Continuous and consistent progress is essential for producing an excellent product. That’s why each day we eagerly strive to craft our product into something even more remarkable than the day before!

Extreme Efficiency

With a global team and an all-encompassing client base, maximum efficiency, lightning-fast speed, and masterful coordination are absolutely essential to guarantee our service delivery is impeccable!

Rated 5-Star on Trustpilot

CloudStick offers a complete selection of innovations that simplify the use of cloud servers and administrators, all with advanced security and easy-to-follow reports and statistics, web app controls, integrations, and more.

Our team of expert web architects can also deliver rock-solid custom-made solutions at speed to suit your organization’s specific requirements to scale and grow.

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