A Reliable Backup That

Brings You Peace of Mind

We make backing up your data simple and snappy so you can focus more on your customer’s needs and less on operations and troubleshooting.

Look What fits your needs

  • 100 GB

  • 500 GB

  • 1 TB

  • 2 TB

  • 3 TB

  • 4 TB

Estimated Backup Cost



Our Backup System Provides

Superior Quality and Faster Backups

CloudStick offers an enhanced backup feature, which enables users to backup faster with less data usage than the traditional backup methods offered by other providers.

Cost-Effective and Optimized Pricing Packages

Our backup pricing packages are highly optimized, cost effective and affordable for a freelancer to a multi-million dollar enterprise!

Quick Notification

We offer notification of successful and unsuccessful backups, which allows you to know if your backup has worked.

Download backup

Your backup can be restored to your existing account or database, or you can simply restore the backup on a new account or database, per your needs. It is also possible to download the backup to a local computer with a single click.

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