Migration to CloudStick

is Totally Free

Choose CloudStick and get 100% FREE migration for all your accounts – completely risk-free. Our dedicated support team is well equipped to assist you in all types of migrations – no matter how complex it is! Enjoy hassle free Website Migration, with reduced downtime

How to Migrate

Four simple steps and you are all set

Migration request

Click on the migration form button and then submit the Migration Request Form

Response Confirmation

Our team will respond to you swiftly with the migration details confirmation and estimated time of completion, subject to your approval

Migration Completion

Our team will notify you once the migration is complete and the Quality team will take over from there

Quality Check

Our dedicated Quality team will evaluate the migration and post migration status of your website. Finally,congratulations on the good news, it has been completed in no time!

Ready to Migrate?

Let us know about your requirements and we’ll handle the rest

Let’s Get Started

We can’t wait to check out your guest content and publish some great posts on our blog. Contact us right away!

    Do you have any control panel installed on your existing server?


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I migrate to CloudStick?

    We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with CloudStick before you buy the product.We believe this gives you the opportunity to experience CloudStick and to explore the depth and breadth extensively. You don’t have to add your payment details and you can cancel anytime.

    What is the proper way to plan Server Migration?

    We support Paypal and card payments. All major credit cards including, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and UnionPay

    What should I avoid during Server Migration?

    We do business in US Dollars ?

    What is the total duration of server migration?

    After cancelling your subscription, all data remains on your servers: we do not remove any data. When you renew your account with CloudStick, you are able to manage all of your servers again if you didn’t reinstall them

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