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We would love to help with any questions, feedback or issues you are having with CloudStick. We believe in providing expert guidance and support when you need the most to meet even your most complex needs to help you get up and running immediately.

Our Support Channels

We believe in exceptional customer experience

24×7 Call Support

Call us at ______, our support executives are always ready to answer all your queries 24×7

Chat with Us

Get Real Time Response from support executives, available 24/7. Type your response in the window below

Email Your Concerns

at [email protected] – Our support executives will reach out to you immediately within 20 minutes.

Do you think you have the passion to help customers?

If you feel you are a talented and passionate team member, check out our career page for an opportunity. Come join our dedicated team in helping our customers!

Why work with us

Our customer support team grows with us

We provide our customer support team with the best training because they represent us and we wish to provide the best customer support experience

We train our team

Each of our customer support team member gets a thorough training and mentorship program in which they understand the ins and outs of the CloudStick platform while also learning how to better help a customer.

We help in their personal growth

The team members are also trained in necessary skills which will help them grow in their career. The skiils include Interpersonal skills, Communication skills, Crisis Management skills, Conflict Resolution skills, and more.

We also have some fun

We make sure customer service training is not always dull. We indulge in games and activities that help teach our team members valuable skills and at the same time encourage teamwork and collaboration between team members.

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