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Web hosting arms the self-employed and freelancers by providing them with an essential platform to power their business with the range of services that can help them to establish and maintain a professional presence online.


Designed for hosting to meet the needs of businesses that conduct their business online, with reliable and high-performance hosting for websites.


We provide reliable and secure way to host your website and ensure your online presence with great flexibility, scalability dedicated resources and customer support.


Get the best cloud hosting for users seeking a web hosting provider with an advanced option Utilizing cutting-edge cloud technology, make cloud hosting simple and efficient for businesses that is on mission to achieve exponential growth.

Feature Comparison

Features ServerPilot CloudStick
Arrey of One click installers
Extra Cost for additional web applications
WordPress Manager
Email service
File Manager
Web Application Cloning
30 Days Server Stats – RAM, CPU, DISK consumption
Additional FTP Accounts
Team feature as Free of cost
Free SSL
Real-time server monitoring
Remote Mysql Management
Advanced Mysql management
Global search for servers, hosting accounts, and databases.
App Isolation
One-click PHP extension installer
System user quota
Advanced Server Firewall
Unlimited Web Applications
Multiple PHP versions
Free Migration

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