How to set a Supervisor job

Server Management

Basically supervisor is used to manage and monitor number of long running daemon process in your linux system. This will manage your process to live all time and monitored as well.

Login to the Dashboard

Select the server and proceed further,

Now, start by creating a supervisor job by just clicking on the “Create” button.

Step 1: Enter the job name:

Step 2: Choose the user by which you run the job and you can prefer if the job has to auto-start or auto-restart.

Step 3: Now Numprocs refers to the number of processes that will be allowed to run

Step 4: The vendor binary which provides the environment, should be selected according to the version of PHP used in the web application.


Step 5: You can include the directory name if it is applicable to the supervisor.

Step 6: The final step is to enter the command to be executed and click on “Create Supervisor Job”

The job will start running as soon as it is created. You will be able to check the listings.

In any case of job not working properly, you would be able to reload the job. If the issue still persists, you may please contact us as we are 24/7. We are happy to assist.