The dashboard shows the overall account summary of your CloudStick account. You are able to see the total number of servers connected to your account, the total number of databases as well as total websites from the dashboard, also you can also directly access your websites or databases from the dashboard instead of selecting the server. A list of total websites, databases are visible on the dashboard.

By default, you can see your servers from the dashboard. If you are a part of a team of someone and if they invited you into the team, then the server will be displayed under the table Shared servers.

My Server table, as well as Shared server tables, show the online status of your server, server name, server IP address, server provider name, the memory usage of the server as well as disk usage of the server. You can navigate to a server by clicking on the server name from the table.

In case your server not showing online status and if still you want to access your server summary page or other pages of that server, you can see 3 dots on the right-hand side of each server list, then click on manage to proceed further.


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